Bhumari By Rachana Dahal

Rachana Dahal Lead vocalist from Aaroha band has released her first ever official music video on Youtube. Rachana has studied Travel and tourism management from NATHM college and has continuingly been the main vocallist in Aaroha band where she used to perform in Bars and restaurants as a Entertaining Singer since couple of years where she has been successful to catch a lot of attention from the listeners. 

Rachana has brought a new song with her soulful voice named as BHUMARI with a deep message to our society. She has written this song by herself with support from actors Sarita Giri, Navin Neupane & Punam Bhandari with a great concept of video story Written and Directed by Mr.Ashish Dahal. The video is already out uploaded by the youtube channel “Channel Arbitrary”  

If you havent heard the song yet the link is given below : 

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