DUI KAUDI KO BUDDI By Rabi Oad and melina Rai

After catching the eyes of many Nepalese by winning the Nepal Idol Season  2 Ravi Oad has reacently come of with a love song with his heart touching voice named as “Dui Kaudi Ko Buddi” the name of the song itself indicates how much the lyrics and song will be entertaining the song is made more entertaining by the brilliant voice of Melina Rai who has been entertaing us for a very long time and people are quite in love with her voice.

The song has been uploaded on the youtube channel of Melina Rai with the song already crossing 230K views and set to get more with the video featured by Barsa Raut and Ranjit Paudel the blend between the song and the grace of Barsa Raut is worth watching.

This perfect blend of music video was not possible without the compose of Bhim BC/Lalit Paudel and the direction of Nikesh Khadka.

If you have not watched the video yet then the link is given below..

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