The new iPad Pro

Apple announced a completely new, redesigned iPad Pro . The iPad pro  The iPad Pro no longer has a home button; it’s all Face ID from here on out. The transition to Face ID allowed Apple to make the iPad’s side bezels slimmer, and the result might be the truest embodiment of a “tablet” yet. This thing is just a giant, beautiful screen.

The 11-inch display is housed in a device similar to the size of the previous 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and the 12.9-inch model is physically smaller than its predecessor — about the size of a sheet of paper. The screen looks great; it’s the same 264ppi as the previous Retina iPads, and it’s as bright and sharp as ever. The corners are rounded off using the same pixel-masking technique as the iPhone XR. Apple’s actually calling it a “Liquid Retina” display, just like the iPhone XR, but honestly, it looks far nicer than the XR.

The overall feel of the thing is way more squared off than I was expecting. It feels much denser and pro than before. There’s a big camera bump for the 12-megapixel camera, and the LTE version has large antenna lines on the back that you will definitely notice.

The new Apple Pencil is a huge improvement: it’s smaller with a flat edge and matte finish that makes it much easier to hold. It also charges wirelessly, which is a major upgrade over the doofy Lightning connector on the old Pencil. The charging is neat: it magnets into place on the side of the iPad Pro, and a little battery indicator pops up on-screen with the battery level. The Pencil also has a double-tap shortcut function: tapping the flat side twice in Notes switches from the pen to the eraser and back again. Other apps can remap that feature: in Photoshop, it’ll zoom in and out of the canvas. Overall, the Pencil feels like a much nicer and better-integrated piece of the iPad puzzle than before.

The new Keyboard Folio is basically the same as the old one, but the Smart Connector has been moved to the bottom (side?) of the iPad, so it connects slightly differently. Face ID works perfectly in landscape and in the keyboard cover. A neat trick is that you can just double tap the spacebar to open and unlock the iPad using Face ID, which is very fast.

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